How Do I Get to President Lincoln’s Cottage?

By Erin Carlson Mast

Getting to the site is actually quite easy once you know where you’re going.   President Lincoln’s Cottage is located on the Armed Forces Retirement Home campus (formerly known as the Soldiers’ Home).  The entrance to the campus is the Eagle Gate at Rock Creek Church Road NW and Upshur Street NW.  The Cottage and Visitor Education Center are a few hundred feet inside the gate.   

Closest Metro Station: Georgia Avenue-Petworth (Green & Yellow Lines)

Closest Bus Stop: H8 Bus, Rock Creek Church Road NW at Upshur Street NW

Closest Major Roads: New Hampshire Avenue NW to the west; North Capitol Street NW to the east

NOTE: Limited parking and a bike rack are available on site for President Lincoln’s Cottage visitors.

Additional public transit and driving directions are available on the official website:

Advance tickets for 2008 tours are available for purchase here:  Reservations are strongly suggested as there are a set number of tours per day and a limited number of spaces on each tour.   

Information for group tours and school groups is available here:

Ms. Erin Mast is the curator at President Lincoln’s Cottage.

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One response to “How Do I Get to President Lincoln’s Cottage?

  1. Doug Merrifield

    Watching the History Channel today regarding the history of our Presidents I noted the speakers stated that because General McLellan (not sure of spelling) declared all Blacks free in his victory but President Lincoln nulified that order and fired the General yet here at these opening speeches I beleive it was stated incorrectly?? President Lincoln indeed as the History Channel stated did however deliver that Emancipation but after Sherman’s winning battle.

    I am very much a historic buff but am confused at the speech given regarding this conflict of history regarding General McLellan and President Lincoln regards to the correct timing of the Proclamation?

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