Cottage Featured in New York Times Arts Section

Where Lincoln Sought Refuge in His Dark Hours

Published: February 14 2008
The Lincoln Cottage’s power is the power of association, its contact with a historical presence; we literally walk in a great figure’s footsteps. 

Lincoln Cottage: From Retreat to Monument

By Andrew Councill For The New York Times
Published: February 13, 2008
President Lincoln’s Cottage at the Soldiers’ Home in Washington opens to the public on Feb. 19.


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2 responses to “Cottage Featured in New York Times Arts Section

  1. Peggy J. Baunchalk

    Excellent article. Glad to see something like this happening with our wonderful historic homes.

  2. David McLeod

    It is very fitting that you are helping preserve this historical site. As you know, Lincoln’s Cottage and other historical buildings are within the “Soldier’s Home” complex. The latter is coveted by developers because, in part, for years the Department of Defense has refused to increase from $0.50 the amount that is withheld from enlisted members salaries. This fact juxtaposed with some administrative mismanagement, this collusion with developers, and politics have placed the Home in jeopardy. What a “tribute” to these elderly veterans.

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