Brownstein Interviewed on “Capital Conversation”

Elizabeth Smith Brownstein, author of Lincoln’s Other White House, was interviewed on “Capital Conversation” Sunday, Februrary 17th.  The interview includes discussion about her book and the newly opened site, President Lincoln’s Cottage, the subject of her book.  Listen to Brownstein’s interview online at



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2 responses to “Brownstein Interviewed on “Capital Conversation”

  1. David

    Elizabeth Brownstein’s book, Lincoln’s Other White House, was wonderful. Learning about Lincoln’s time at the Cottage from the narratives of this book gave me entirely new insights into different sides of Lincoln. Now I’m even more excited for the Cottage to open.

  2. David: Thank you for your favorable review of Lincoln’s Other White House. It’s not your usual Lincoln book, for I wanted to offer insights into rarely studied aspects of Lincoln’s temperament and character, to emphasize the positive aspects of the Lincoln marriage as seen through the lens of their life at Lincoln Cottage, and to focus much needed attention on several Civil War heroes usually ignored by scholars, but of great significance to Lincoln in his conduct of the war.

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