Cottage Kicks-off C-SPAN Lincoln 200 Years Series

By George Rogers

On Saturday, September 6, at 8:00 PM, C-SPAN will air a two hour program devoted to President Lincoln’s Cottage. This program will present the first high definition footage taken at the Cottage and will include a never-before-filmed panorama shot from the top of the tower adjacent to the Cottage. Historians Matthew Pinsker, Edna Greene Medford and Frank Milligan (Director of President Lincoln’s Cottage) will discuss the Lincoln’s life at the Soldiers’ Home, the momentous decisions made there and Lincoln’s daily commute through Civil War Washington.

The Library in President Lincolns Cottage

C-SPAN’s “Lincoln 200” programming will continue through the Lincoln Bicentennial.

Mr. Rogers is the Director of Development at President Lincoln’s Cottage.

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One response to “Cottage Kicks-off C-SPAN Lincoln 200 Years Series

  1. I have really enjoyed these two tshirt designs myself. The first one is my favorite because it shows what Abe would look like if he were alive today, IN COLOR! It’s wierd to see photos of Abe in color and in a nice suit and tie. The photo is very realistic.

    J. Redd

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