Preparation Begins for the Sculpture Installation

By Erin Carlson Mast

As the new sculpture of Lincoln nears completion, preparation work for the installation began.  After multiple meetings with the artists, landscape contractors, engineers, installation experts, and staff, the process began on site. 

After ideal placement was determined, utility line locations were reconfirmed and sight lines examined.  Then soil samples were taken and examined.  Materials for the pathway and perimeter of the sculpture have been selected and samples are being approved. 

Since the sculpture base will be below ground to provide solid footing, excavation will take place shortly.  The footer will be dug by hand rather than heavy duty machinery.  The preparation for excavation began last week starting with root pruning so that the trees will not be damaged during excavation.

Root pruning was conducted with an “air spade.”  Air spades shoot targeted, high pressure air into the ground.  The landscape contractors have since been out to review plans for excavation work.

Hand digging for the footer will commence tomorrow.  National Trust Senior Archaeologist Lynne Lewis will be present to monitor the dig.

Ms. Mast is the Curator at President Lincoln’s Cottage.

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