An Evening with Stephen Berry

Author Stephen Berry book signing after the lecture.


Author Stephen Berry signing books in the library after the lecture.

By Alison Mitchell

On Thursday, November 13th President Lincoln’s Cottage welcomed Stephen Berry, author of House of Abraham: Lincoln and the Todds, A Family Divided by War, for their third lecture this year. Berry explained the intimate connection between Lincoln and the Todds, a connection that was stronger than he and his own family during the Civil War. Although Lincoln formed a close relationship with the family, the Todds were also the cause of much pain and added stress during the war.

Taken as a clan, then, the Todds were not always very nice. They could be pampered and prideful…quick-tempered and vain. They made grudges easily, and they held them long. – Stephen Berry, House of Abraham

Berry’s lecture, like his book, helped to shed some light on the inner workings of this tumultuous family. House of Abrahamreveals a very personal, human side to Lincoln and the family man and husband that he was by examining his relationship with the Todds and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln.

The “Evenings at President Lincoln’s Cottage” lecture series is open and free of charge to all President Lincoln’s Cottage members. To become a member please visit

Ms. Mitchell is the Development Coordinator at President Lincoln’s Cottage.

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