In Town for the Inauguration?

Are you in town for the Presidential Inauguration and looking for something to do?  Are you dreading the crowds on the National Mall?  

To escape the chaos of downtown Washington, just as President Lincoln did, visit President Lincoln’s Cottage, located on a hilltop in northwest Washington, D.C.  The site is closed January 20th, but is open all other days this weekend and next week, including Martin Luther King Day.

President-elect Obama’s enthusiasm and admiration for Lincoln is made clear by the theme of his Inauguration, “A New Birth of Freedom,” taken directly from Lincoln’s Gettysburg address.  Obama will take the oath of office on the Lincoln bible, a gesture that connects the past to the present and reminds us of the nation’s progress since Lincoln’s presidency. 

Reserve your spot on a tour by purchasing advance tickets online: 

We also offer a private, Premium Tour for those interested in a little something extra.  Download a brochure here: for details on booking your Premium Tour.

Visit the official website,, for all other details, including hours, directions, and tour information.


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