A New Blog on Lincoln and Food

By Erin Carlson Mast

Eighmey Bakes a Cake for Lincoln's Birthday

Author Rae Katherine Eighmey has spent three years researching Lincoln’s eating habits and food interests.  Since her Lincoln book (working title, Abe Lincoln Cooked: Reflections with authentic recipes from his life and times) is being delayed due to another book project with a fast approaching deadline, she has decided to launch a new blog, “What Lincoln Enjoyed Eating” to share some of her research in celebration of the Lincoln bicentennial.

The blog will run for 10 weeks, from Lincoln’s 200th birthday to the anniversary of his assassination, featuring a different recipe each Saturday with historical perspective. Eighmey will present authentic recipes adapted for modern kitchens. Her first offering: Pioneer Cake with Dried Apples.

Read more about Lincoln gastronomy at: http://raekatherine.blogspot.com/

Ms. Eighmey visited President Lincoln’s Cottage in the summer of 2008, and introduced herself and her upcoming book on Lincoln and food. Cottage staff were delighted to provide Eighmey with a bit of research on the Lincolns’ eating habits at the Cottage as well as those of the Presidential Guard members who protected Lincoln while he lived here.

Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in linked posts and related materials do not necessarily represent those of President Lincoln’s Cottage. 

Ms. Mast is the Curator at President Lincoln’s Cottage.

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