Remembering Abe in Washington, D.C.

Lincoln and Horse Statue at President Lincoln's Cottage

On April 14th, 145 years ago President Abraham Lincoln was assasinated at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC. To commemorate this anniversary President Lincoln’s Cottage, Ford’s Theatre and the Smithsonian National Museum of American History are celebrating his legacy through programming and activities. Each site will also be initiating discussions and history quizes using social media through Facebook and Twitter.

On the local level, Washington, DC neighbors, metro-area residents and tourists will have the opportunity to participate in a scavenger hunt sponsored by President Lincoln’s Cottage and Ford’s Theatre. The questions pertain to each of the two sites and can be found by looking at artifacts and displays. The quiz can be done April 14 through April 26, 2010. Great for families, friends or individuals who have a passion for Lincoln history! PLUS submitted forms with the highest number of points will be entered to win a prize! 

For more information and to view the quiz visit and The quiz will also be available at each museum (And the Smithsonian National Museum of American History!)


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