DC Emancipation Day

By Lauren Trice

On this day in 1862, President Lincoln signed the Compensated Emancipation Act for the “release of certain persons held to service or labor in the District of Columbia”.  In 2005, April 16th was declared as an official holiday in Washington, DC and it is celebrated with a parade and other events throughout the city.  Here are suggestions from President Lincoln’s Cottage staff on how to celebrate DC Emancipation Day:

Visit the African American Civil War Memorial and Museum. http://www.afroamcivilwar.org/

Eat lunch at the family run restaurant and District icon, Ben’s Chili Bowl.  http://www.benschilibowl.com/ordereze/default.aspx

Explore President Lincoln’s ideas on emancipation at President Lincoln’s Cottage.  http://www.lincolncottage.org/

Ms. Trice is an Historical Interpreter at President Lincoln’s Cottage.

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  1. the day people will never forgot….

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