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Find Blog Posts on our New Website

Recently we launched a revamped website, which you can find at the same URL as before: www.lincolncottage.org. The new site combines the dynamic content of this blog, with our previous informational website in a sleek new design. Though we don’t plan on shutting down this blog, all new content will be directly posted on the website.

The new website is divided into three main sections: Explore, Visit and Connect. A level down,History, Exhibits, Multimedia, Public Programs and Newsroom are among several blog-style pages that provide fresh content. (In addition we have standard pages on Plan a Visit, Education, Support and of course Tickets.)

We’d like to thank all of our loyal readers of this blog. It was the Cottage’s first real presence on the web, before our main website  really took off, and several years before we started our social media accounts on FacebookTwitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

As always, please feel free to contact us to ask any questions or share your thoughts on our online prescence via commentating on our website, posting to social media, emailing us at LincolnsCottage@savingplaces.org, or calling us at 202-829-0436.

Thank you,

-President Lincoln’s Cottage Staff


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New Site Under Construction

Readers of our blog:

You might be wondering why we haven’t posted much to this blog recently (our newsletter notwithstanding). It’s not because there hasn’t been plenty of Lincoln news and anniversaries. Instead, we have something exciting to announce (in addition to the fact that a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Lincoln is going to be on display in the Cottage from September 22 until February 2013!!!)

For the last two months we’ve been undertaking a complete redesign of our website, www.lincolncottage.org. The  website combines all of the wonderful content dozens of staff members have written for this blog, with a refreshing, sleek look that is easily navigable. The result is a brand-new website that will make it even easier to: explore detailed information about the history of the Cottage, plan a visit to Lincoln’s summer retreat, and connect with us to make your President Lincoln’s Cottage experience even more meaningful. (Once the site is fully live and navigable, we’re going to shut down this blog since the current site will be routinely updated with press releases, new research, event announcements and a whole lot more.)

We’re in the middle of launching the revitalized website, with the same address of http://www.lincolncottage.org. So stay tuned and bear with us as we start an exciting new chapter of President Lincoln’s Cottage’s online experience.

If you have any questions, please contact us at LCottage@savingplaces.org. Thanks!

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